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North Cyprus Weather

300 days of sunshine a year!

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Northern Cyprus Climate Chart

Climate Chart

Weather Overview for North Cyprus

The weather is always a concern for holidaymakers who constantly have an eye on the weather forecast. The good news as far as North Cyprus is concerned, there is virtually one forecast for the whole of summer... sunny and hot!

Summer is the most reliable season in North Cyprus with virtually constant sunshine from deep blue skies. A passing dark cloud might give a brief thunderstorm but this is a rare event and usually passes quickly. It is usually about the middle of May when the weather settles into its summer pattern and the temperatures start to climb. By June the temperatures are usually in the low 30’s C but July and August get even hotter, often reaching 40 C. Sea breezes are really welcomed at this time of the year with their pleasant cooling effect. Sun protection is very important so sun creams should be kept handy and sun glasses are advised against the strong glare. Light clothing is all that is needed in the day and the late evening too since the overnight temperatures often stay above 20 C. One of the pleasures of summer is eating outside in the evening which is possible from May until the end of October.

Autumn is a favourite season for many visitors when the sun continues to shine and the temperatures ease down a little. Early September is still very hot and sunny but the temperatures start to decline steadily into October. October itself enjoys many hours of sunshine with temperatures now in the mid 20’s C. November brings more of a risk of showers but there are still good sunny days to enjoy and it is still warm.

December, January and February are the winter months when the temperature is mostly in the mid-teens. Showery days, wet days can be expected but there are many winters when the drought conditions of summer continue.

Spring, March, April and May is the most colourful season of all and attracts a lot of special interest holidays for the flowers, birds and painting. Temperatures rise steadily, the sun is always hot and sunbathing and swimming is back on the agenda.

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